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How to succeed at blogging? And Be Unstoppable!

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Blogger? Business woman?

Learn to be unstoppable.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

If you are someone who has goals and dreams and amazing ideas but is nowhere near achieving them, or worse still, you can’t even manage to get started with your dream plan,  or you have this vision of you and your business but don’t see yourself reaching it, you are not alone.

Like many others, you have these dreams and desires but are really content living the life you already have. You don’t take the road of struggle. Or even if you do you are continuously meeting with obstacles.

Chances are your biggest hurdle is you yourself. Or even if they are external, you can’t expect to not have any hurdles or obstacles if you have any life outside your business. This could be your kids, spouse, family, anything. Besides, there will always be one reason or the other to not do the work.

As humans, we work because of two major reasons. One, we fear if we don’t work we’ll not have enough to live on. Two, we work because we love to. If you are living a life of fear, then this post is not for you because someone who is unstoppable doesn’t nurture fears in their life.

So, if you are ready to kick start with all your energy and don’t want to be held back by any hurdles, here are a few things you could do:

1. Take Risks

Want to start a blog? Get that hosting.

Want to start your own fashion line, get out there and go hunting for the fabric.

Want to start a service-based business, get out and look for clients.

Take risks in your business. Calculated risks. Without risks, you are missing a ton of opportunities in your business.

We all have fears when just starting out or when doing something for the very first time but if you never try, you’ll never know.

You will always learn a thing or two from your failures. Let your failures or your fear of taking risks not stop you from achieving your business goals.

2. Plan B Out of the Window

Obstacles are a test of your commitment, not a chance to flip over to Plan B.

If you are serious about working on your business throw Plan B out of the window. You can not give your mind a chance to think it can lean back to something easier than your current goals and dreams.

Because you are your only limit and plans B, C, D, E,… are just another way of tricking our minds into going for the easier path when we should really be finding solutions to the problems in plan A.

3. Read a Book every Week

So you want to be unstoppable. Great. You are reading this piece of article and realize how you need to work on this.

A month down the line you forget all about this article and revert back to how you were living. There go all your plans. Once again.

Not this time. You need a pill of motivation every day. Therefore, get into the habit of reading books.

Books are a goldmine of knowledge, motivation, and encouragement. Find books on entrepreneurship, read biographies of your favorite leaders, read books by thought leaders, and read books on personal development, personal finance, investment, entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, and much more. Read on business trends in your industry. Read anything that can help you stay mentally in shape.

Not to forget, reading is great therapy. I’ve used this therapy all my life.

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Stressed out? Read and you will get lost in words after 2-3 pages.

Burned out? Read.

Happy? Read.

Sad? Read.

Don’t ever stop.

Bonus: If you keep reading you will hardly ever run short on ideas for your personal/business blog. Win-win!

4. Set Priorities

You are a fempreneur. You have kids. You have a family. You have a business. Your business needs you for almost everything.

There are high priority tasks and then there are tasks that are on low priority. Every day get into the habit of prioritizing your tasks. Then cut the list short. Yes, just keep 3-4 most important tasks for the day on your to-do list.

Try and accomplish them first thing in the morning. Use the rest of your day for all those remaining low-priority tasks. Don’t try to multi-task and never leave one work to complete the other. Set timings for every task and allow no distractions to carry you away.

5. Have Faith in Yourself

You can do it. And no one but you will have to tell this to yourself time and time again.

You are what you think. If you think you are an entrepreneur then you are and you will work your way towards becoming one. But if you carry the burden of doubts with you all the time, then doubts are like weeds, they grow in all empty spaces they find in your mind.

Think ‘possible’ and you will see a new energy in you. You will find motivation and determination to do the task.

Think the opposite and you will never ever make it.

Treat yourself better. Make a plan and start working towards your dream business.

Have an unstoppable year ahead.

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