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10 High-Impact Qualities of Successful Fempreneurs

Ever wondered why success is second nature for some fempreneurs?

What are the high-impact, high-performance qualities of successful fempreneurs? What is it that they do differently and get results everyone is desiring?

Becoming an entrepreneur is a thing of our time. While there are many factors that influence the success of the entrepreneurs around us, here is a list of 10 high-impact qualities that entrepreneurs have which leave little to no room for failure.

10 High-Impact Qualities of Successful Fempreneurs

1. They EAT

Well, we all eat but here EAT is an acronym for Eliminate, Automate and Trust.

All successful fempreneurs know what’s important for their business and what needs to go out of the task list. They keep eliminating anything that is no more useful for their business. They are in a habit of evaluating and reevaluating everything they are doing time and time again. This tells them what’s working and what’s not. It is then easy to get rid of anything that is not working for the business.

Successful fempreneurs know how to automate stuff. You have only so much time and in today’s world when you can simply automate a lot of stuff, you don’t have to go crazy doing everything manually. Successful fempreneurs value their time and know it needs to be invested in important business matters.

They also know how and when to build trust, not only with clients but with employees too. They down delegate things to people who can handle them better than they are. It’s important to hire people who are better than you at the task that needs to be done.

In any business, there are 80% of the time is spent on meager tasks and 20% is spent on major tasks.

What if you can spend your 100% time on major tasks?

How will that affect your business?

It’s only possible if you know how and when to down delegate tasks at hand and hire trustworthy and reliable people in your business.

2. They make SMART Goals

Successful fempreneurs have goals and those goals are SMART.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Many of us are going around apparently doing so much but actually accomplishing very little. If you learn how to set SMART goals not only are you focusing on the right things but acting at the right time as well.



Fempreneurs who set SMART goals see better results in shorter spans of time.

It is said on average it takes 7 years of hard work for someone to truly b e successful. To near the average you need SMART goals. Going a little deeper into SMART goals you’ll see that Specific goals will make you ask yourself:

What is my ultimate goal as an entrepreneur?

Why is my goal significant?

Who is a part of my ecosystem?

What are my resources?

Example: You are running a homemade food business. Your goal could be ‘to provide healthy and safe eating experience to the working class of the society at affordable rates.’


Measurable goals come with numbers. They address

How Much

and How Many

Numbers are very important in a fempreneur’s life. They give you the opportunity to set realistic targets in your business. Measurable goals will also boost your confidence and motivate you to move forward in your business.

Example: As a blogger, one of your measurable goals can be ‘To get 50,000 page views per month by the end of the year.’


Your goals need to be attainable. As an entrepreneur, you need this insight.

How will I achieve my goals?

What are the constraints?

Example: If your goal is to get your first 100 customers in your first year do you have the time and marketing resources to reach out to this many people?


You need to have control over your goals. They need to be realistic and relevant to your business. You should consider:

Is my goal right for my company?

Do I have the right socio-economic conditions?

 Is my team ready and on the same page as myself?

Example: If you are going to launch a new product is it in line with what your business value proposition is?


Every goal needs to be bound by time. It needs to have a time duration. It needs to have a deadline. The main question to answer here is:


In what time span?

Example: If your goal is to launch a Business Training Program, how much time do you need for it? Caan you do it in 6 months? 1 year?

3. They Understand the Window of Opportunity

For every opportunity, there is a window. Successful entrepreneurs have an insight for that window. Anyone who loses the window will never make it. This is a critical point many many entrepreneurs miss.

A window of opportunity is the short period of time when some specific actions will give some desired results. Once the window is close you may never have that same opportunity again.

Example: The holiday season is a great window of opportunity for many businesses.

4. They tackle the critical things first

As an entrepreneur you know here is a lot on your plate. You have a huge list of tasks waiting for you on the table every day. It’s important to realize that all your tasks need to be organized in a manner of priority. Only then will you know what your most critical tasks are.

All successful entrepreneurs are focused on achieving 2-3 most meaningful tasks right at the start of their day. This makes you feel accomplished and less worried about the rest of your day.

One of the worst use of time is to do something very well that need not be done at all. 

 – Brian Tracy – Eat That Frog!

5. They are crystal clear on their why, how and what

A famous Talk by Simon Sinek explains this concept beautifully. 90% of people know what they are doing in business, they know how they are doing it but they hardly know why they are doing it. Profits are not a ‘why’ but a result. Simon calls it the golden circle which goes something like (what ( how ( why ) ). While 90% of the people go outside in, the successful fempreneurs know how to go inside out.

They are focused on their ‘why’ first and then they decide how they are going to do it and last comes what they are going to do to get there. This mental shift makes a world of a difference. It’s important to remember:

People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.

And so successful fempreneurs know they are not merely selling products to people. They are selling an idea and a belief to them. This also helps them choose the best people in their business. The requirement is not a person seeking a job but a person who believes in what you believe in. Only then will they willingly put their blood and sweat in your mission.

6. They know the pain points of their customers

Whatever product you are creating or service you are providing know your customer’s pain points. What is it that they really need. How do they need it? If you can understand that you can deliver well.

How to find your customer’s pain points?

  • Use your data or other people’s data to find out what is it the customers look for when they buy a product like yours.
  • Identify their pain points by simply asking them. Getting feedback is, hence, important.
  • Understand your sales. Look into your buyer persona. Look into the lives of people who are buying from you.
  • What do your customers like to believe in and is your product in line with that?

7. They focus on value rather than money

When you focus on giving value to the people money comes in on its own. If you are a self-made fempreneur look into your value proposition statement regularly. Use it as a filter to decide on every launch, every product, and every campaign.

If you are giving true value to your client base sales come in automatically. In a world of digital marketing don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth and one on one referrals. The

8. They Give and Give and Give

Successful entrepreneurs know how to give. The universe doesn’t keep anything you are giving it. Want abundance? Give abundantly. Keep adding value to your service or product. Solve their problems. Don’t look for shortcuts to meet sales.

Wak in their shoes. Giving is one of the best ways to build a reputation and establish trust in your customers. Giving is what forms the basis of loyalty.

In whatever business venture you are undertaking just take a moment to visualize the changes your brand will bring in the lives of the people using it. Imagine the improvement your brand is going to bring in their lives.

Give more than just material. Give your customer feelings. Show them they are important to you. I’ve always loved the lost art of thank you notes. The ones you receive by hand. It’s one of the most efficient ways of leaving a mark in people’s lives. Let your clients know how happy you are to have worked with them.

9. They Are Seekers

Successful fempreneurs are always seeking. They know what’s coming and what’s already gone. I haven’t seen a single successful person in my life who is not learning at an extraordinary pace. They know there is a wealth of knowledge out there and there is so much to seek.

Just like you have an expert of everything in life be it physical or mental health, they have motivation centers around them. They network with people who drive them forward. They read content that helps them look into a better more prosperous future.

You can’t just sit there like stagnant water and expect refinement to come your way. You have to be a seeker. Learn from every person you meet in life. Take notes. Keep a journal.

10. They know when to pause and refresh

I have always considered balance to be one of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur’s life. Business is a part of your life but there is more to life than just achieving your business goals. In my opinion, you can’t be a successful entrepreneur if you have a messed up life.

You have roles in your life and since you can’t escape many of those roles you have to strike a balance. As an entrepreneur, you should know you have a life outside your business as well. You have a family that needs you. You need them as well.

Learn to take a pause when needed. Learn to relax every once in a while. Learn to give quality time to your family. That is true success for a fempreneur.

So, these were the top 10 qualities of fempreneurs that guarantee success.

It’s your turn dear fempreneur

If you are still a wantrepreneur (someone who is stuck in the idea phase) get started asap. Quick and dirty works. You can polish it as you go. Work on these 10 qualities.

If you are a struggling entrepreneur take this list to bed every night and reflect on it. Think of the improvements you can bring in yourself and your business to best fit the ideal success conditions.

If you are already an established entrepreneur let us know what worked for you most out of these or any other qualities you had as an entrepreneur.

We are all learning here. Always remember:

Real queens fix each other’s crowns.

Whose crown are you going to help fix today?


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