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Working for Roads We Avoid’s Brand Board | Work Diaries

“Every client is a new challenge and a new opportunity to get creative.”

I was recently working for Roads We Avoid‘s Brand Board. Here is what she had to say before we started working on the brand. Our Q&A session:

What is the purpose of your business or blog?

I’m basically starting my own personal blog where I share my thoughts on personal development and Muslim faith as a young woman. My aim is to voice my thoughts on the usual concerns of an average Muslim woman. I also plan on introducing motivational interviews from other great Muslim women entrepreneurs in the near future.

What need are you trying to fulfill with your blog?

Well, of course, the content is going to be a morale booster. I also plan on introducing my services as a designer for my readers who wish to take up an online business as a career option.

What type of person or business are you trying to attract?

My ideal client would be Muslim Women looking to build online businesses all the while keeping sane with their insides. The age bracket would be roughly around 20-35 something.

How do you see your blog over the next year, five years, ten years?

Well, I see myself growing some traffic over the next year.

In five years, I want to have some consistent clients.

In the next ten years, I want to grow my blog into an online shop with ebooks and courses of what I’ve learned over time and more.

What five words you would use to describe the overall message you are aiming for with your brand?

  1. Peace
  2. Empowerment
  3. Faith
  4. Creativity
  5. Mindset

What are the five elements that you want to be included in your brand/logo?

  1. Soothing colors – something that derives from nature
  2. Geometry and doodles combined
  3. Would like it to show femininity
  4. Gradients especially natural ones
  5. Perhaps a vibrant edge to pastels

Here is how it turned out to be:

The Brand Board for Roads We Avoid

Brand Board for Roads we Avoid

I’ll soon be working on a social media templates kit for Roads We Avoid. As of now, they are trying to implement these brand elements into the current website


The questions I use for identifying the brand are from Branding Workbook by

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