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500+ Gorgeous Modern Wedding Fonts

How many times have you spent countless dollars on fonts?

A single font can cost you from anywhere from $15 to $50, sometimes even more.

Finding beautiful, captivating, and unavoidable fonts for your wedding business can be a fun and cumbersome task at the same time.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the fonts from these bundles using my links, I may earn a small commission for referring you. This comes at no additional cost to you but helps me keep this blog running.

All designers know that fonts can literally make or break the game. In order to make your designs convey the message right, the selection of fonts is key.

When I started designing I had a few favorite fonts. As it turned out, I was so keen on using them in pretty much all of my designs that over the course of time my designs were very similar to each other. Instead of speaking out for themselves, they were speaking for the designer.

That’s when I realized I need to explore more fonts. Exploring fonts is fun. But there are a few things you have to keep in mind. These are pretty basic if you are in the design business for a while but newbies are usually unaware.

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Things to keep in mind when selecting a font:

  1. Check for the license type of the font. There are two most common licenses; personal (not used to gain profit or sold commercially) and commercial (for-profit use, marketing, advertising, as a part of a service, and more).
  2. You can not lend most of the fonts. Unless specifically mentioned in the license, your client, friend, colleague need a license of their own to use the font.
  3. If you want to amend the font make sure the license allows you to do that. Most fonts don’t allow for amendments to the original font.

Before we jump into the list of fonts, I’ve listed font bundles instead of individual fonts. You can get these bundles for the price of one font, sometimes even less. I personally find that very amazing.

As designers, we need gorgeous fonts on day to day basis. Getting a font bundle with many fonts is much easier and manageable than buying individual fonts.

100+ Gorgeous Modern Wedding Fonts

Most of these bundles are available as of October 2020 but I will keep updating the list when any of these bundles go down and new ones come up.

1. Font Bundle by Larin Type Co.

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208 fonts and 138 typefaces. Yes, we are talking. This bundle that comes for a mere $18 has all you can ask for. If you are into the wedding invitation design business, branding business, or any design business for that matter this is a gold mine that is dirt cheap.

The bundle has a plethora of fonts in the calligraphy, signature, brush lettering, layered, fun, display, vintage and lettering, and more categories. You will definitely find a lot to love in the bundle.

2. Handwritten Font Bundle by Vlad

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So, this bundle was brought back on high public demand. Yes, these 23 amazing fonts are a great deal for you if you are a designer with an eye for attractive fonts.

3. Hand-lettered Font Bundle by BeckMcCormick

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A powerhouse in any designer’s font arsenal, this huge hand-lettered font bundle comes with unlimited fonts. Unlimited I say because Beck promises to include all her upcoming fonts in this bundle.

So every time a new font makes it to her CreativeMarket store you get an email with the font. Win-win!

The bundle has scripting, serif, sans, calligraphy, crafting, signature, and rustic fonts. You will love it as a designer, I’m sure.

4. 73 In 1 Handwritten Font Bundle by Quothron

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A huge bundle that comes with 73 hand-written fonts for a mere $12.

Update: The font is now $9 only. Wow!

These fonts are perfect for use in any sort of branding, t-shirts, wedding invitations, signage, letterheads, headings, captions, posters, blogs, etc.

Some of these fonts are actually very beautiful when used in design projects.

5. The Font Bundle by Wilde Mae Studio

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This bundle is available for a limited time only. You can get Wilde Mae Studio’s font packages worth $200 for a mere $24.

This bundle comes with 11 scripting and hand-lettered fonts perfect for your wedding invitation design business.

Bonus: The bundle also comes with logos, textures, and papers with some of these fonts.

6. The HUGE Font Bundle (169 Fonts) by Salt & Pepper Designs

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A monster of a pack, as they rightly call it, The HUGE Font Bundle by Salt & Pepper Designs is massive. It comes with a whopping 169 fonts.

So, this is a limited time only offer. Better check it now and avail the bonus as well.

Bonus: As of 2020, till the offer lasts, they will include all their 2020 new releases in this bundle. You will get them in the bundle updates. So, as if 169 fonts weren’t already enough, you keep getting more fonts for the year.

7. Font Bundle by Makeitrock

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This is a huge mix of 60 fonts from scripting fonts to brush lettering and some vintage fonts too. A nice bundle for designing wedding cards, invites, save the date cards, and everything in between.

8. The Designer’s Font BUNDLE by KA Designs

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Okay, so hold your breath this bundle comes with 95 fonts and 200 elements. I really appreciate all these creatives for coming up with such unique fonts, first and then bundling them into such lucrative offers that you could literally go on a font shopping spree.

So, these can be used on a variety of projects like branding, t-shirt design, wedding invites, posters, banners, websites, social media, and whatnot.

9. The Chic & Unique Modern Font Bundle by New Tropical Design

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This bundle comes with 11 chic fonts perfect for pairing with other cursive fonts in the list. The best thing about this bundle is that all fonts come with numbers and punctuations as well.

I can’t explain how terrible it feels when you love a font only to realize it does not accommodate numbers and punctuations. But not with this bundle. So, save some bucks on these modern typefaces.

Bonus: This bundle comes with 6 feminine logos as well.

I think all this for that price point is a win-win!

So this was a massive list of 9 font bundles with more than 500 fonts perfect for your wedding invitation design business. You can explore the blog for more design resources that won’t carve a hole in your pockets.

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