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7 Key Ingredients of Peak Performance in Blogging

So you are finally into blogging and if you have clicked to read this blog post chances are you are still striving towards your ultimate goal of ‘blogging success’. You are still looking for the missing key ingredients for blogging peak performance and want to figure out what is it that you’re missing.

While it is crucial that you have all your strategies lined up and all your content set up but without these 7 essential elements your dream of having a great money-making blog is far from reality.

You need them to master the art of successful blogging… 

To fuel your drive…

Get up every day with newly augmented valor… 

To basically… blog. 

Yes! If you are up to charge your potential and deliver your very best keep digging.

7 Key Ingredients for Blogging Peak Performance

I recently read that on average it takes 20 years for a person to actually become successful. The kind of person I am, this was intimidating. We don’t even know if we are going to live 20 more years. And that is just an average number.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. While it can take you 20 years (on average) to become ultimately successful, it doesn’t mean what you have until then can’t be termed as a success.

Success comes in episodes. It has levels. You can start feeling it in a matter of months. If you just have a blog up at this point, I call it blogging success. Because this is where you start. So, take a moment to pat your back.

Frankly, bloggers see success much before this 20 years (on average) mark.  We know people who start seeing side income coming from their blogs in 3-6 months to a full-time income in 1-2 years. Given the resources these days you have fair chances of actually making it.

But… the key ingredients… what are they? Before we start just make mental notes of how many of these you actually have in you and to what extent.

#1 Goal Setting

There are three types of people in this world:

Ones who have no goals.

Ones who know a bit about what they want in life.

And the ones who have crystal clear goals written on paper and imprinted on their minds.

This day on you are going to be a part of the third category. Have clarity on what you want from your blog. Write your goals down. Keep them as your passwords, paste them on your walls, keep them as your wallpapers.

Have a clear vision of what you want to do with your blog. Define your success. Is it money? Or Is it readership? Is it spreading your knowledge to others so that they can benefit from it? Is it fulfilling your dream of becoming a writer? An Influencer? A remote support for someone in need?

Take action: Visualize a change you see in the world after someone benefits from your blog. Visualize what you want your blog to be. WRITE THE GOAL DOWN!

Pro Tip: Have this goal come to your sight multiple times on multiple occasions. Our brains get used to fixed things. If it’s just a note on your wall, chances are the brain will learn to ignore it. Have it on multiple places in various forms: digital, physical, art… anything.

#2 Get Ready to PREPARE!

Prepare. Research. Learn. Build a foundation for your work.

The stronger the groundwork, the better the sustainability of your blog.

Make a list of all the essentials you need to learn in order to start well. For instance, if you are just into blogging, you’d need to:

  • Find your niche
  • Plan your content
  • Get a website
  • Write your content
  • Promote your content
  • Understand your audience
  • and more…

All this will require patience and motivation from your side. These things, chances are, won’t come to you on their own.

You will have to dig. Study others. Read several blog posts to understand how it’s done. Understand the basics of your blogging platform. Learn a bit about how your site is run. Seek help from others in your sphere.

#3 Confidence

Have an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities. Not having enough confidence will not reap the results you wish for.

You might just have started. Or you might have put enough effort and not seen the results you want. You might have tried every trick in the basket and still not reach the pinnacles of blogging success you wish for.

All this shouldn’t take away your confidence. Hard to digest?

Blogging is a process that not only takes technique, time and effort but it also takes belief. Hard work pays off. It’s just that sometimes it takes time. Everything you’re doing today will help you in some way tomorrow.

Keep building towards a better you. Be CONSISTENT. Keep learning more and you will see the results iA.

#4 Have the Drive

We all face similar circumstances in life. Some ace it others fail it. Why?

It’s the drive. The inner voice that empowers you. It makes you do things others can’t.

It’s what makes you read this blog post. It is what will motivate you to take action once you’re done reading.

Have that drive. Nurture it. Fuel it. Every time you feel like this is not for you listen to the voice. It yearns for it. It will help you muster enough energy to keep going even when the tides are against you.

#5 Go Intense

There is a sea full of bloggers out there. How will you make your mark?


People out there are as talented as you can be but what is it that will help you stand apart? Your intensity.

If you are someone who is keen on taking care of their physical health and are into sports or workout know what intensity can do for you. You know it pays off.

It keeps your passion burning. Go intense in the pursuit of your goals.

#6 Self-Control

How do you focus? By having self-control.

How do you handle disruptions? Self-control.

How do you ace pure concentration? Self-control.

When you are on your phone or on your laptops, you have a fair chance of getting distracted every 40 seconds. Every damn 40th second will try to sidetrack you from your actual work. I was actually switching tabs when I wrote this and had to hold back.

It’s in there, engraved in you. We don’t even realize.

You don’t have to master self-control to get focused. There is a simpler way out.

Attract yourself to something so much that distracting from it becomes out of question. The best way to do that is to know your ‘Why’. Why are you doing what you are doing?

This will attract you to your work. The attraction will augment your self-control. Self-control will help you focus.

#7 Mental Toughness

Life’s a game but not an easy one. To play well you need to be mentally tough. Be unshakeable in your resolve.

Mental toughness is what allows you to look at you, your life and your work from a higher perspective. It allows you to connect with your work deeper.

You don’t just have a foundation, you have a bedrock. You know you are going to make it. Come what may.

See how all these key ingredients for blogging peak performance are linked to you and not to something outside you. It’s not the resources, it’s not the people, it’s not your following or your website or your current state; but how you strengthen every pillar inside you.

It’s how you align your life to finally start trekking on the path to achieving your blogging dreams. Best of luck for that.

Do you have any core ingredient that you think helps you in achieving your goals in your business or for your blog? Let me know down in the comments section.

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