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10+ boss lady products to jazz up your work space

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Are you a boss lady setting up your work-space?


Work-space is the most important part of a boss lady’s journey towards independence. You are self-made and so is everything around you set to your taste and style. The best thing about embarking on an entrepreneur’s life is that you get full control over how you set things around you, be it work-space, be it your employees, be it your business rules – everything is dipped in your essence.  Some even like to style everything in their branding which is totally ah-mazing, because why not? You ought to carry your passion where ever you like. And that is the beauty of this life, you work hard, you give fire to your passion but you love the entire process. So, here are 10 products you can use to totally jazz-up your work-space. These items are available on aliexpress, click the image or the link in the headings to find out where to get them from.


#1 A soft mushy cushion

Get your favorite bronzing cushion covers to give you the feeling of relaxation as you work. These are fun and inspiring all the same.



#2 A frame that says something about you


#3 A beautiful coffee mug to help stay awake in your pursuit


#4 Organization is the key


#5 Your brain needs to stay hydrated!



#6 Arrange that pile of books so they don’t keep messing around 

#7 A creative hemp rope hanging shelf

#8 Desk organizers that take your breath away

#9 Never forget to make your work-space feel alive

#10 Let the aroma keep your senses fresh


#11 A boss lady needs to keep down her extraordinary thoughts

Keep your journal close, you could even get a sparkling idea at night. Or better still get a glow in the dark notebook.


#12 Never let your motivation down- a letter board for daily inspiration

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