You are currently viewing 50 Free Scripting Fonts for Personal and Commercial Use

50 Free Scripting Fonts for Personal and Commercial Use

As a designer, blogger, or business owner, especially if you are in the design or craft business, you might come across times where you need good modern scripting fonts for your branding or designs.

Previously I shared a list of more than 500 Wedding (Scripting basically) fonts on the blog. A lot of you requested my personal favorite free scripting fonts, so here I am.

Here is a list of 50 free scripting fonts for both personal and commercial use.

Personal license vs. Commercial license

Before you use any font on the internet it’s wise to know the difference between personal and commercial use.

Personal Use License

Personal Use is any use that meets none of the criteria for Commercial Use. Personal, or Non-commercial, use is a use for solely personal purposes. For a use to be considered “Personal” it must meet ALL THREE of the following:

  • The use must not involve an exchange of money
  • The use must not promote a business entity (this includes non-profit organizations)
  • The use must not directly or indirectly result in financial gain

If any one or more of the criteria is not met, then the use is deemed “Commercial”.  (Source: Creativemarket)

Commercial Use License

Commercial” use is any use:

  • that involves an exchange of money or other consideration
  • that promotes a business (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership)
  • Where financial gain or other consideration is either sought or a result, directly or indirectly, of Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset.

If any one or more of the criteria is met, then the use is deemed “Commercial”. (Source: Creativemarket)

Free Commercial Scripting Fonts

1. Lemon Tuesday Regular

2. Queenland

3. Abuget Script Font

4. Amandella

5. Beloved Hearts

6. Summer Piscess

7. Autery Script Font

8. Elsabetha

9. Girl

10. Allura

11. Yesstea

12. Satori

13. Bollado

14. Ontel

15. Martini

16. Sacramento

17. Rumaniaya

18. Astagina Signature

19. Anjhay

20. My Shine

21. Tahu

22. The Secret

23. Smooth Stone

24. Brusher

25. Great Vibes

26. Balqis

27. Playlist Script

28. Dancing Script

29. Reshuffle Script

30. Fruitilla

31. Parisienne

32. Pink and Brown Handwritten Font

33. Smarta Free Handwriten Font

34. Eustache Handwritten Font

35. Roustel Handwritten Font

36. Open Heart

37. Mama Free Scripting Font

38. Amellis Path

39. William

40. Sileighty

41. Daisy Script

42. Eric’s

43. Goodline

44. Nouradilla Script

45. Short Message

46. Angelia

47. Cloudy Night

48. Shelly

49. The Brighton

50. Equestrain

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